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From Hailey to Zendaya, These Are the Boots Fragrances A-Listers Actually Buy

Because A-list celebrities have access to the most expensive and exclusive skincare, makeup and fragrances, it’s easy to assume that they use these expensive beauty products exclusively. And while they most likely have an impressive collection of eye-wateringly expensive fragrances, you might be surprised to hear that some of their favourite perfumes can be found in your local Boots. Yes, really. It turns out that celebrities such as Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid love an affordable fragrance just as much as we do.

After all, not everyone can drop £200 on a new fragrance, but affordable fragrances on the other hand allow you to build a fragrance wardrobe over time. So you can have an everyday signature scent for the daytime and then opt for something a little more exciting for the evening. And of course, you might want to wear a different scent for the summer months or bring out winter fragrances once the seasons change.